Welcome to niwi digital – Your premier digital partner. Specialising in cutting-edge development, project management, and consulting, we seamlessly align technology with your business goals. Discover tailored solutions that drive efficiency and boost your ROI.

We provide tailored solutions that guarantee the most cost-effective and appropriate technology for your specific requirements and manage it to completion.

With niwi digital™, you benefit from enhanced ROI while we mitigate risks throughout the project lifecycle. No matter the scope of your project, our commitment to excellence ensures your digital initiatives succeed.

About niwi digital: With over 25 years of expertise, niwi digital™ excels in delivering premier digital solutions. Our team has partnered with leading international and national brands to provide strategic, high-quality development projects. Whether you need web development, mobile apps, or digital consultancy, we have the experience to transform your digital vision into reality.

Digital Services: NIWI Digital offers a full suite of services including website development, e-commerce solutions, mobile app development for iOS and Android, backend database management, and reliable hosting. Our expertise spans React Native, Vue, WordPress, AWS, and more. Elevate your digital projects with our innovative and secure solutions. 

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digital services

delivering top-tier digital services for over 25 years
Mobile Apps
  • React Native
  • iOS
  • Android
Web Development
  • Vue
  • WordPress
  • HTML5
  • Jquery
System Integrations
  • Rest APIs
  • Webhooks
  • Python
Digital Consultancy
  • RFPs
  • Digital Audit
  • Vendor Apps
Cloud Infrastructure
  • AWS 
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • DNS/Domains
  • SSL
  • Website lockdowns
  • Penetration testing

meet the owner

Meet Chris Kennedy: With a 25-year track record in technology, Chris Kennedy is a visionary leader in digital solutions. His deep expertise and passion for innovation ensure top-tier project execution. From development to design, Chris bridges the gap between technical possibilities and business goals, delivering unparalleled results.

With a deep understanding of both design and development, Chris is uniquely positioned to evaluate interface designs, pinpoint project risks, and detect any misalignments between design and programming. This comprehensive insight allows him to proactively implement strategies and countermeasures, ensuring seamless project execution from start to finish. Chris Kennedy is not just a leader in technology; he is a visionary, shaping solutions that bridge the gap between technical possibility and business objectives.